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Default Re: The return of Sonny Weems

Originally Posted by gabepizza
If you look at Farmar's stats, you will see for Championship Laker's teams he was on in 08-09 and 09-10 he averaged 13 mpg in their playoff run so far from being their sixth man.

Here are the stats from the Laker's championship team in 2010 which was basically the same as in 2009.

As you see during their playoff run he was their 8th man, not a 6th (first off the bench) man.

Dude you proved you don't know anything about European basketball so I don't get why do you continue to post about it ( I know this post isn't about it ) . You don't even know who is Rodriguez and who is Llull and they are part of the Spain NT and play for one of the biggest teams in Europe .

You thinks you can watch highlights and look at stats and disscus it but you are just going to look silly when you are talking to people that know something about it . I know you are pretending to follow Euroleague because you are trying to prove how NBA is much better than Euroleague and how NBA scrubs could dominate in it but you better start to watching some games because even if in the future you say some things that are true when people see you don't know basic stuff they are going to make fun of you and won't listen to a word you say . I'm talking about when you disscus basketball in real life or on some othere forums because half of posters on this forum are trolls who know even less than you do and will agree with you just to troll Euroleague ( the poster ) .
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