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Default Re: Knife, 3-foot lead pipe, or pistol with 1 bullet?

Gimme just any traditionally forged nihinto tamahagane 2048 layer handfolded steel blade by a Japanese master swordsmith... and we are ready to go... around knife size, i guess ill go with a "Wakizashi" then:

Look at that tamahagane steel carefully...............
dont know how good your forging metal process knowledge is but let me just say this baby with correct technique will amputate anything standing in its way and it wont break/chip either....

Easy.... I will just try and let the pipe guy draw the bullet guys attention, the pipe guy will be a guaranteed 1st goner and the survivor now armed with only bone & flesh.......... easy work... how many slices of human cheese do you want?

If that doesnt go then i can just pray the bullet doesnt hit me and if it does then i hope it hits me somewhere so i could be vital enough to continue the fight.......... the bullet guy is now a guaranteed 1st goner, the poor Pipe guy will be in trouble, a pipe sure wont break a Wakizashi block/parry (the steel is impossible to break, its kindof elastic aswell).... and then lets just say that one attack from a Wakizashi will cause much more damage, thats an understatement...... unless the pipe guys first attack is a lucky & perfect hit to my temple (that wont happen) he aint living to see another day..... then i just I walk away, maybe with a bruise and at the worst maybe with a bullet wound which i will take care of later... :)

Way of the samurai!

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