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Default Re: Knife, 3-foot lead pipe, or pistol with 1 bullet?

Originally Posted by bmulls
You watch too many movies. If I hit you with a lead pipe anywhere on your body you are going down. You aren't going to block it with your arm and stab me or some shit, it's going to shatter your arm and you're going to drop like a bitch.

You dont know what you are talking about my man.... A pipe is a blunt object and you will get only one strike to determine whether your opponent can endure that hit and proceed to inevitably file you like a fish or if he will immediately go down "like a bitch".... i have been accidentaly hit by such objects in my time.... it hurts very much, but thats it, it most certainly wont stop you especially with all that assumed adrenaline flowing thru your body in such a life-death situation......... and it wont shatter anybodys arm unless you perfectly with tremendous force diagonally/vertically smash the pipe into the centre of the guys ulnar/radius bones in his arm (which he will have to hold horizontally for you).......... and that either isnt a guarantee, even if it does get shattered you stand zero chance (unless that knife guy is truly a bitch)........

Now, i dont need to tell you what a BLADE can do with one strike to anywhere on the human body compared to a Pipe..... especially a Wakizashi.... do i? That i havent been accidentaly hit by.... and i dont want to find out...

The only time a guy will "drop like a bitch" from a Pipe is if he is unarmed, then he is forced to do that or if he is armed (with a knife or gun or a pipe himself) then you most likely hit him on the head....... and that will in this case be the only way for you to drop somebody holding such a Blade (or better yet a Handgun) like a bitch...... and that wont happen unless the knife guy you are attacking is an imbecille, i assume he would know how to use his of hand for you to strike while he sticks that blade so far up your intestines you will begin to see your angel wings immediately............ a knife is also much more faster and more maneuverable of a weapon...

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