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Default Re: Knife, 3-foot lead pipe, or pistol with 1 bullet?

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh

Come on man, if you get hit with a lead pipe, especially in say the head or a lucky strike that breaks for example an arm or leg, you're not going to be right back up with all that, with this "adrenaline flowing" like dude is coke'd up or some shit. LOL. I think the dude you quoted who said you watch too many movies was pretty much on point. You're probably quite young and play too many video games. Enough to the point you have difficulty distinguishing the difference between fantasy and reality.

A knife is much more faster & maneuverable.... can be used to kill you either from millimeter distance or further away, you will be able to move and manuever not only that weapon better but also yourself, there is so many ways for you to attack and every single attack/stab does much more damage...... Using a pipe you are extremly one dimensional & limited for doing vulnerable attacks because the opponent needs to be at one specific distance only and because it is a blunt you need to hit him only where it truly shuts him down (hoping that any hit on him anywhere will drop him is just a life ending risk)..... Using a knife you will always be deadly..... imagine the knife guy latching on to you, what will you do now? You certainly wont be able to hit him with a pipe from that distance/situation (not vulnerably), even if he doesnt attack you there he is at no danger....... but you are... at all times...

I have watched many movies.... and in none of them have i seen a guy with a blade lose to a somebody with a cro-magnon blunt object indeed.... but its also reality unfortunately...

You are a smart guy Legends of Josh, but on this one you need to trust me... i love movies & video games indeed, but i am not as young as you think and my sources as a martial artist far exceeds the facts i get from watching movies or playing games...

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