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Default Re: Knife, 3-foot lead pipe, or pistol with 1 bullet?

The bat/pipe has the advantage on the outside but once you get within range the fight is over and to get to that range is much more easier than for the Pipe guy to keep you at one specific distance. Then it will be a grappling match, one holding a knife and one most probably being forced to throw his pipe away and defend himself with nothing but skin, flesh and bones....... If you shoot in they have basically one lucky swing to stop you before you get through the range. But just in case, fake high to get them to commit to a swing and then shoot for a takedown Royce Gracie style. Once you have a hold of them its over... cut hamstrings/puncture chest cavity/slash throats as necessary. Worst case scenario you eat a shot from the bat but if it's accurate enough to hit you on the level change it won't be powerful enough to knock you out......

Now, if the pipe/bat was a sword then its a different story, that hit you wont be able to shrug of at all no matter where it lands... hell you can just point it right out and run straight towards the guy with the knife... :P

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