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Default Re: Let Ross Dunk!

I didn't expect him to win, mainly because he was going up against the 2 heavy favorites in his own conference. And agreed with Tabak that all his dunks were sick. Kind of got lucky on that first dunk though that the judges were a bunch of nice guys. I was surprised he still got a 50 after that many attempts, despite it being a great dunk. But either way Green and White both choked on their 2nd dunks. Once Ross made the final I knew it was anyone's game.

I wondered if he was gonna do a VC dunk, when asked about in interviews before the contest, he kept saying pretty much nah there's only 1 VC, i'ma leave that alone. But I guess he either changed his mind or wanted it to be a surprise. Crazy dunk nonetheless. And you could tell he had a lot of nerves at the beginning of the contest. But after that when he loosened up he seemed to hit everything he was trying much earlier.

Shout out to Terrance Ross 13 years later bringing the trophy back to TO!! And he did it with ZERO props!
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