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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by andremiller07
Broner vs Rees about to start , as big a prick and try hard as Broner is hes a insane talent and I enjoy watching the dude fight.

Hes a horrible rapper as well lol

Round 1: Rees out worked Broner, Broner in a feeling out process while Rees landing some nice combo's but nothing even close to major: 10-9 Rees

Round 2: Rees started ok but Broner landed some huge shots, Rees came back near the end but imo those big shots by Broner were the difference 10-9 Broner

Round 3: Broner just showing the physical and skill difference is just beyond insane atm, it would take a miracle for Rees who is not a KO puncher to stop Broner
10-9 Broner

Round 4: Broner HUGE uppercut to floor Rees, easy round for Broner, Rees did great to survive 10-8 Broner

Round 5: Ree's corner throw in the towel wisely, Broner dropped him with a body shot and was going to take more punches, typical gross mismatch to keep hyping a fighter this was a elite fighter against a average at best one.

Rees just had nothing to offer, far to short, unathletic and lacked any pop on the punches and not really that skilled against a freak in Broner.

Broners good he needs to fight better people but Broner wins via TKO (towel thrown in)

I hope that ***** stops taking on those punching bags
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