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Default Re: The return of Sonny Weems

Originally Posted by gabepizza
Give me a break. I confuse Rodriguez and Llull so I don't know anything about European basketball? I didn't recognize Rondriguez with his beard, that's all. I am learning more about European basketball but I don't have to be an expert and recognize every single player to have an opinion. I wonder how many players you would recognize? Without their names on their jersery I bet you wouldn't know more than 5 players from last night's rising star challenge.

Rodriguez had a beard from start of the season so you just admited that you didn't watch any of Reals games .

You didn't know difference between assists in Europe and in NBA and that is basic stuff , you also confused one player wit another more than once and we are talking about players on big clubs that play 15-20 minutes per game so no you don't know much about basketball in Europe .

I would recognize around 6 or 7 players from rising star challenge I know it's not much but that is why you don't see me posting stuff about that game and players in it .
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