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Default Re: Absolute Smartest People on InsideHoops


THe "Demonstration, Not Application" rule was in the 48 laws of power and applies everywhere on the path to "enlightened superiority" aka being the best but being humble about it.

Practically all the old films celebrated this as a masculine virtue. I mean there were sporadic doses of cockiness and arrogance but most people (such as Charles Bronson were quiet killers). Now there's rappers going around saying "Mr Steal Yo Girl" and the only time when . It's said in Hagukare that occasionally a person does have to fluant their arrogance.. because it is just like a sword. If staying in the sheath to long it becomes dull but when being withdrawn too many times it loses its impact upon others.

Let's extend the intelligence gig a bit..

SOme guy said intelligence was a persons ability to invent something that would benefit mankind. I do agree, to an extent, but that is more consciountessness (like one love type universal good vibrations type sh!t, i mean sugar)
Another guy said that it was the case of the chimp's self-serving reign to power . THat's more like it!

Gig, define the following and lemme know an archetype that exemplifies each.

A Rational Mind.
Deductive Reasoning.
ANalogical Reasoning.
Inductive Reasoning.
Free Association.
FLuid Intelligence.
Vivid Imagination.
Visual THinking
Verbal Reasoning
Parallel Thinking.
Crystallized Intelligence.
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