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Default Re: Absolute Smartest People on InsideHoops

you run rings around me with your energy, J$. in most areas of life and the internet, i just kind of pop in for a little while, see if anything interesting happens, and then go lie down for awhile. heh.

you do bring up a million and one scintillating issues with boundless puppy-dog enthusiasm, however.

you know, in an alternate universe i have your same level of energy and your questing nature and we go back and forth all day talking about all kinds of interesting and inane shit. in any case, you always leave me with interesting things to think about.

archetypes for broad aspects of those qualities? how about pantheons of gods and legendary heroes across various cultures? have you found any inspiration along those lines?

i don't know... modern examples?

oscar wilde and dorothy parker for wit.
goethe for wisdom.
doyle's holmes for inductive, deductive and reductive reasoning.
robert anton wilson for fluid intelligence.
noam chomsky for verbal reasoning.
hawking for brain power.
picasso and van gogh for damaged creativity.
a supercomputer for parallel thinking.

ugh... brain tired. i need to lie down already.
damn you, thomas jefferson and your huge wheelbarrow full of money!
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