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Default Re: The return of Sonny Weems

Originally Posted by gabepizza
Give me a break. I confuse Rodriguez and Llull so I don't know anything about European basketball? I didn't recognize Rondriguez with his beard, that's all. I am learning more about European basketball but I don't have to be an expert and recognize every single player to have an opinion. I wonder how many players you would recognize? Without their names on their jersery I bet you wouldn't know more than 5 players from last night's rising star challenge.

If you watched the game you would know that was Rodriguez, not Llull. It's the same thing over and over with you. Talking endless crap here without even watching any of the games.

I hate to break it to you, but we also do watch NBA games, so yes, we know most of the NBA players, at least well-known ones. Llull and Rodriguez are well-known players in Europe. Hell, Rodriguez is pretty well known among NBA fans. He was a rotation player in the NBA for something like 4 years. So it's funny you can't even recognize him, especially when like I said you claim to know NBA and that this same guy played on the team you claim to support.

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