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Default Re: Is MJ's '88 season the GOAT season?

Originally Posted by ShaqAttack3234
MJ was undoubtedly better every year from '89-'93, so no, it's not even one of Jordan's top 5 seasons. And I'm not taking '88 MJ over '96 or '97 Jordan either.

come on dude.

grow up.

1997 MJ which was the best of "comeback" MJ is still << 1988 MJ.

we all know that. 1997 34 yrs old MJ was balling with 2 HOF'ers in Pippen & Rodman.

1988 MJ was lone all-star warrior on an ave team so

1988 MJ winning 50 games ALONE is >> than 1997 MJ winning 69 games.
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