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Default Re: Is MJ's '88 season the GOAT season?

Originally Posted by gengiskhan
come on dude.

grow up.

1997 MJ which was the best of "comeback" MJ is still << 1988 MJ.

we all know that. 1997 34 yrs old MJ was balling with 2 HOF'ers in Pippen & Rodman.

1988 MJ was lone all-star warrior on an ave team so

1988 MJ winning 50 games ALONE is >> than 1997 MJ winning 69 games.

Since when is winning 50 games and losing in the 2nd round comparable to 69 games(tied for the second most ever) and another title with every team gunning for you?

Jordan did a remarkable job carrying that team in '88, but throughout the years, players carrying weak teams to solid records has been far more frequent than what the Bulls did in '97.

Beyond that, Jordan was much smarter in '97, more skilled and more unselfish. I think he understood what it took to win a title much more. He was still a pretty athletic guard despite being 34, had the post game, a truly devastating mid-range game, was a smarter defender than he was in '88 and had learned to play within an offense more while still taking over whenever he needed to.

If my goal is to win a title, I'm definitely taking '97 Jordan. If my goal is to overachieve with a weak team, then yeah, sure, I could see someone taking '88 Jordan. But which would you prefer?
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