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Default Re: Knife, 3-foot lead pipe, or pistol with 1 bullet?

Originally Posted by ProfessorMurder
Murder rates are different because of different weapon availabilities and killing power. It's much easier to get a gun, have it in your pocket and then shoot someone than it is to bludgeon someone to death.

A gun also leaves less time for the assailant to think about their actions. One pull of the trigger and the person could die. You have to wreck someone repeatedly with a blunt object to kill them, most people would probably realize they should stop before it gets to the point of brains on the floor... Then it would just be assault charges or attempted murder.
handguns are the hardest to aquire of the 3...but killing power was my point...A handgun is the easiest to use and the most lethal...then a knife...then a blunt object.

Blunt objects are the easiest to aquire, and the least amount of deaths...anyone can aquire a pipe or a hammer or a bat...but it is more difficult to kill someone with a blunt object than a knife which sees more murders and obviously a gun which sees the most.
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