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Default Re: Programs to edit Music

If you are going to be serious about recording/editing/ audio and you are on a PC, I would recommend the Sony Creative Software audio solutions. The workflows are very easy to learn and the audio quality is great.

They have a low cost version that you can learn on and when you get good, you can step up to their pro versions and the workflow is the same. If you just need a one time deal, the trial versions have pretty much the full functionality.

Sony Sound Forge is probably the best audio track editing tool out there. Particularly good for dialogue/narration editing.

Sony Acid is a great for mixing multitrack audio and working with audio loops and MIDI instruments. This is the program that Apple copied to make garageband. There's also a free version you can get at called ACID Xpress.

If you don't need the loops and MIDI functions of Acid, but just want the multitrack recording and mixing functions, you can look at Sony Vegas which is their video editor, but is a fantastic audio tool. Some folks never use the video features at all.

The thing that is nice about these tools is the workflow for editing is pretty much the same for all three. If you learn to create a crossfade in Sound Forge, you know how to do it in Acid and Vegas too.

There's another program that borrowed the workflow from Sony Vegas and that is devoted just to audio that is highly regarded called Reaper. They have a low cost license if you are using it for private use.
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