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Default Re: Court to re-open investigation into mulitple gunmen in Sandy

Originally Posted by Math2
As do the questions raised by some one why there were some Newtown victim foundations established before the day of the murders, or why there were some websites about "How to talk to your kids about Sandy Hook" written before Sandy Hook

See? THIS is the problem with why it's so difficult to establish the doubt around official stories.

I raise a very legitimate and identifiable problem that cannot be (or almost impossible to) debunk, with that CNN footage. But YOU raise a point which is a point that IS easily debunked, the dates on facebook pages. It's already been established you can change websites or facebook pages that were created before the Sandy Hook date.

But now everyone is focusing on YOUR point, and not the legitimate point I raised. This is why its very hard for the alternative theories to get believed, when bad evidence gets mixed with good. Taints the real evidence.
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