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Default Re: what company in the US makes the best chocolate?

Amazon has the 5 star bars.

You can get a lot of high end chocolate pretty easy where I live. The 24-hour Korean places usually carry a good selection. So I'll go by what's easily available there, in terms of availability. I prefer dark chocolate. These are the bars you eat piece by piece usually and not the whole thing like a Kit Kat or Snickers

Chocolove is excellent as is


Lindt is very good and widely available.

Paul Newman's Dark Chocolate with Espresso is great. They make good peanut butter cups too.

If I was going by regular drug store or candy store candy, I would go with some of the new M&M dark chocolate flavors. I really like the dark chocolate mint ones.

I also know someone who got addicted to the Coconut ones for a while.

When I was kid I used to vacation in this town where they test marketed mint M&Ms, but they never brought them to market anywhere else. Now decades later they have, just after I stopped eating sugar for the most part.
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