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Default Re: The Walking Dead (television only) thread

Here we go with the being stuck in location again. But at least there's some external conflict this time, as opposed to the farm with Shane and Rick argueing.

I agree that they're having some issues directing the action sequences. This shootout was ok. Not nearly as bad as the smokey season opening thing. The ability to head shot the first guy from so far away nobody saw him coming, then not be able to even nick anyone after that, was a little dopey, but whatever.
My biggest issues at the moment are that the guy who plays the Governor has no presence at all whatsoever. Perhaps they're holding too much back as reveal down the road. But watching him scowl and shoot off the machine gun like a badass is almost uncomfortable to watch. And Andrea who was always the best female character on the show (Lori is even aggravating from beyond the grave for Christ's sakes.), from grieving her sister, to becoming a badass marksman, to her tug of war emotions with Shane and the old guy, she at least had a real character. Now she's been reduced to saying "Phillip ... please stop!!", and giving horrible pep talk speeches to a groups of extras.

But I do still feel good about this season moving forward. The attack last night pushes the conflict forward, and probably snaps Rick out of it so he can go back to leading his group, ends Lori's undieing presence and it's ability to ruin the show. Michone's performance during the attack probably gets her more permanantly into the group, and adding Daryl and his brother back adds another dynamic. There's a lot going on in that group now. Glen and Maggie's issues, the protective father role for Herschal. And even Andrea seemingly figuring out The Governor lied to her, seems to push things forward.
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