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Default Re: How I can be sold on this team....

Originally Posted by Rameek
I have an issue with this post and feelings of other Knick fans when it comes to JR. These are the same exact shots he took when they were 18-5. The difference is he made those shots earlier in the season. No one complained about shot selection then its not fair to criticize them now.
Relax,it was a joke.

I love J.R. He's a good spark off the bench and he's being paid peanuts.
Also he plays hard every game.
He'll never be a smart player but I think he needs to be put in proper situation to play up to his potential.

Woodson loves iso ball and obviously he wants them to take a lot of threes. J.R. needs the coach who asks him to attack the basket more. Also he needs a coach who won't make him to play like PG at times.

IMO J.R. needs to attack the basket more,get more off screens and get an occasional isolation.
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