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Default Re: I didnt make my High School Basketball Team?

Originally Posted by ace23
You think a kid who plays 8 hours a day not making his team is commonplace? Dude probably attends an elite school if this is even true. Most D3 guys would not be able to hang with a school like Oak Hill's players.
yes, but why in the **** would you think he could get into CalTech. If he plays ball 8 hours a day (and obviously just plays, doesnt sound like he works on the shit he needs to to contribute to a team), hes probably not a top of the line student. I went to a DIII school (U Chicago) and when I was there, most of the ballers on the team were definitely above average HS starters. The point is, you have to get into the DIII school for your academics (not that all DIII are great programs) and pay for it all yourself (or with academic scholarships/loans/etc).

Face it, if you were unable to cut it at the HS level, your best bet is trying to walk on at a Junior College and seeing where you are in 2 years.
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