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Default Re: Court to re-open investigation into mulitple gunmen in Sandy

Originally Posted by IamRAMBO24
Why don't we wait until the investigation is open to public disclosure and is underway until it's final conclusion before we pass judgement and make up our minds what the outcome truly is going to be.

You are as closed minded as they come. Here are a few facts.

1. There is an impending investigation going involving multiple shooters so top secret and life threatening to the witnesses, the court orders a gag order to protect them.

2. If such a thing is that serious and the gag order is in place, meaning all factual information pertaining to the matter, has not been released to the media, then the media does not have all the facts.

Conclusion: why have you numbn*ts already made up your mind what the verdict is without a full on investigation.

Talk about being a f*ckin idiot.
Yes lets talk about being an idiot.

The gag order and sealing of documents that you're passing off as new and interesting was 2 months ago when they were still searching the Anza properties, this "new" news you're trying to pass off is 2 months old and a common practice early in an investigation, it's completely irrelevant at this time, and you say I'm the idiot.
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