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Default Re: Court to re-open investigation into mulitple gunmen in Sandy

Originally Posted by bagelred
Two different things. That bomb threat you are talking about happened 2 days later. The drill footage you see in the CNN clip happened the SAME DAY as the shootings, according to everything I'm reading.

HOWEVER, no matter which it is (although i'm right), it STILL doesn't explain why CNN would deceptively use that to pretend that was Sandy Hook.

Try and keep up. The only drill the day of the shooting was a FEMA drill 30 miles away and there were no swat officers involved.

The footage of the swat team running across is from two days later at the Church/private school, the day of the bomb threat. The graphic on the screen was stock graphic CNN had been using for any breaking news relating to Sandy Hook for two days. CBS and NBC have the exact same footage but because the graphic is different nobody uses their footage to try and weave a conspiracy from nothing.

The conspiracy nuts are telling you the video is from the day of the shooting but it's not, it's from two days later, CNN has addressed and debunked this nonsense.

The only deception going on is from the conspiracy nuts twisting facts and gullible dupes like you and Rambo buy in

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