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Default Re: Absolute Smartest People on InsideHoops

For intelligence I don't really look at *what* people say, more just the level that their brain is computing at. For instance, Stephen A. Smith on First Take. I don't agree with the way he sees the world in a lot of cases. His "filter" for how he views things doesn't usually vibe with mine. But you can tell his brain is operating at an extremely high level, where he's taking so many variables into account, is so precise with the English language, and covers all aspects of his arguments down to a tee.

I always think of someones "filter," and that's kind of their general viewpoint and way of seeing the world. And then behind that is a light. Smart people the light goes beaming through, less smart people there's less light. That probably doesn't make sense to anyone, but it's the little mental image I always have in my head when I think of intelligence.

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