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Default Re: Absolute Smartest People on InsideHoops

Originally Posted by miller-time
I think I intuitively get what you are saying. But I can't really put it into psychological terms. Can you give an example?

I think it makes the most sense when it comes to politics. If you're a hardcore Democrat, I see your filter as being Democrat based. So you're seeing the world through that filter. You're looking at things through that lens and it taints how you interpret any information.

A Republican might say this person is "dumb." But I think the filter is only one half, you also have to look at the "light," or the intelligence. This person might be extremely smart, it's just their brain goes through this particular filter that the Republican doesn't agree with.

But I think of people who have a "funny" filter, or a "perverted" filter. Whatever, that's just how their brains are processing the data. But the intelligence defines how thoroughly they can process it, how analytical they can be with the data they collect, etc.

It's definitely one of those weird things we all do inside our own head, that are hard to describe to others. I don't think I've actually talked about this to anyone before haha, seems so strange now that I'm describing it to another person

Edit- I think to a certain extent you can usually break down the way someone thinks into a few different filters. Especially if you go by categories. So like Stephen A Smith again:

Category: Sports
Filters: Not wanting to offend others, Looks to give credit whenever he can, retain journalistic integrity, take big picture view.

That's the filters that I think Stephen A. Smith uses when he talks about sports. But that's only one category. I don't know his filters when it comes to being a parent, a son, politics, religion, whatever else.

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