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Default Re: Official Pro Wrestling Thread

Originally Posted by B-Low
Cena did but 80% of the world is also bored to death with his superhero gimmick that he's had going for the past 35 years. Edge, Jericho and Rock have managed to do it, but I think Edge and Jericho turned back and forth fast enough before people could get too bored with either persona.

Punk went full face but he never really did the generic "WWE Universe" sucking up. When he was a face he still spent the majority of the time ripping on his opponents and being rebelious. Lookin back he didn't address the crowd that much when he was a face
Yeah, I don't think Punk's face turn was meant to turn out that way but it did. Punk basically took what R-Truth started a month earlier but instead of cutting promos against Cena and the fan(Little Jimmy's), Punk did it on authority figures(Vince, WWE creative staff), which went well over with the fans. Similar to what SCSA did during fall of '97 when he stunned non-wrestling personnel like JR, King, Vince. Fans ate it up.

I'm still pissed that they cut Truth's push so short. It was like only a month long. One of the best heel turn I can remember in years. They blew it!

You mentioned Bryan in your other post about him getting over with fans. At first I thought he was only over with the indie WWE fans, similar to fan support of Benoit, Jericho and Christian got throughout their WWE career but Bryan actually have a lot of kid fan support too. I think he's actually more over than those 3 guys was back in their heydays.

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