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Default Re: Dominating a game without scoring

Magic and Bird had a few games like that. Tho Bird attacked more than Magic did.

Pippen game 1 against the Pacers in the ECF 1998. Rodman as well like that in that same game. The commentators joked about it was the best bad offensive game they have ever seen because of his defense.

Rondo had a few of those games too in 2010 playoffs. Well, his whole career. CP3 had a few of those games too. Russell and Wilt later on his career were probably the kings at that.

Originally Posted by jaydacris
joel anthony

I don't know about dominating. But he was underrated in defense IMO. He is a good shot blocker and is a good defender. He can't really do much else. He hasn't been that good this year in the defensive end. But the whole Heat team are not as good defensively. They started off bad.
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