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Default Re: It's sad it's come to this

Originally Posted by Quizno
that just wouldn't work. there are plenty of talented players in the ASG whose team has absolutely no chance of making the finals and they know it. you think KG is gonna play his heart out to give lebron and the heat homecourt? kyrie irving and paul george aren't gonna sacrifice their bodies so the heat have a better chance of winning the finals
as long as their teams are in the playoffs running, they would absolutely play for their conference, knowing there's always a chance it could be them going to the finals.

the Heat had 3 players for the East and Spoelstra was coaching. you don't think they'd have given their all had Finals HC advantage been on the line? how about the West team? that team all had players on contending teams. you think Pop wouldn't want to assure his Spurs a Finals HC advantage if ever?
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