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Default Re: Deron Williams can't dunk right now due to ankle injuries

Originally Posted by gigantes
sometimes i really hate the pro-athlete "point of pride" mentality about playing at all costs.

deron, you're having a dreadful season. you should be taking as much opportunity to rest your aching body and re-gather yourself mentally as you possibly can. if the team can get by with CJ or whoever else filling in for you here and there, you should take it. that way, you might be able to help us come playoff time.

we didn't sign you to a ginormous, 1000lb contract for you to suck balls like this. you get no props at this point for playing through injury in order to show anyone how tough you are, or whatever it is you think you're doing.

no, you're sucking, and sucking badly. so do something about it.
Yeah I agree. Give him another week or 2 off. But I think he feels responsible as the leader to be out there. And I don't think he wants to sit as we try to climb the standings in the last few weeks of the regular season.
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