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Default Re: Absolute Smartest People on InsideHoops

Originally Posted by joe
I think it makes the most sense when it comes to politics. If you're a hardcore Democrat, I see your filter as being Democrat based. So you're seeing the world through that filter. You're looking at things through that lens and it taints how you interpret any information.

A Republican might say this person is "dumb." But I think the filter is only one half, you also have to look at the "light," or the intelligence. This person might be extremely smart, it's just their brain goes through this particular filter that the Republican doesn't agree with.

It is a lot more complex than that.

Scientist would love to call it genetics, but the way our brains are being structured has a lot more to do with thought than anything else. We have 2 sectors of society that is systematically indoctrinating people's minds. One is education. The other is the church. Education is a system of indoctrination, thus people who are more "educated" tend to be more liberal. The other sector is religion, and those who are religious will be more conservative.

It is because both political parties have spent a huge amount of money to influence one or the other, so through this association of social beliefs, both institutions are very successful in brain washing students or young children to believe in one or the other.

I think the main goal of the rich is to stir up a bit of class warfare, meaning, poor vs poor, y'know, this way they can divert the attention away from a rich vs poor showdown; the idea is if the poor are more focused on social issues (gays, racism, abortion, etc.) that will only make them hate each other more, and they won't be so focused on the people truely screwing them over: the rich.

Most of society are conditioned in two ways: education or church. Most Americans are raised to hate one or the other, meaning, they were taught to hate their neighbors and the people around them that take the other side. What they teach in school is the antithesis of what they teach in the churches: if they say you should be accepting of gays in the schools, the churches will go against gays; when the schools teach contraceptives in sex education, the churches go against that, so on and so forth. You get the point. Living in America, you only have 2 choices growing up: being liberal or conservative, and it all really boils down to how well you do in school (liberal) or how much you like church (conservative). Those 2 institutions influence the minds of the population the most. There is a reason why the Democrats will pour their heart and soul into education and there is a reason why every Republican is nothing more than a religious hack. Both systems were bought and paid for and most americans are either brainwashed in one way of thinking or the other.

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