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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by KG215
Can you show me a team more deserving of being ranked #2? Miami is a legit top 3-5 team right now, and I'm not sure how you could even dispute that.

You said number 2 then 3-5. Quite a difference. I could see them being ranked top 5, but not sure if they are one of the 5 best teams. It's easy to say, "Wait til the year is over" because odds are they won't go deep in the tourney (as it is for any team, so much can happen.)

I just mean the ACC is absolute shit so they are profiting from being in a bad conference. If Duke wasn't so highly rated... possibly overrated... then Miami wouldn't be so highly ranked, I believe.

It's interesting how the rankings work. Shit is set going into a season. You've got Kentucky at 3 and OSU at 4. Even Lou at 2 (but they're still a really good team.) Then Duke beats them and it's like OGOD. But really, those teams weren't as good as their ranking. So, their overrated ranking gets transferred to Duke, then it gets transferred to Miami because Miami shit all over Duke.

That was more of my commentary. It's not exactly based on Miami, but I do feel they aren't the 2nd best team. Maybe not even the 5th.

But hey, if they are good for them. It's nice to see someone coming out of the ACC that's not UNC or Duke.

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