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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by IamRAMBO24
BeoWolf - 0/10

What a waste of time. The movie tries too hard to be like 300, meaning, there are no fewer than 100 different scenes of gay sexual innuendos in it. In one scene, the main hero gets completely naked to fight a monster because apparently "the monster does not have a shield, so neither should he." Then there's the guy from silence of the lambs. He's all like "my meat is the best in the world, ppl from all over come here to taste my meat." He's in his robe saying this and you can almost see his crotch, so you're left wondering if he's talking about the pig they're roasting or his package. In another scene Angelina is completely naked but you can't see anything. The first thing that comes to my mind is "maybe Brad don't like his woman naked," but seriously, she's like the biggest slut in hollywood who kisses her brother, so I think it's the gay director who's not willing to give her a money shot. I would of at least given it a 1/10 if it had that. Nothing special. Moving along.

Bloody hell, you're the worst troll this board has seen in a long time.


No doubt the movie sucked, but just like all the other movies you attempt to "seriously" review it's clear as ****ing day you're a RL idiot and online troll. Your act is tried, and been tired since South America broke apart from Africa. Please just stop.
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