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Default Re: Looking to the offseason...

Trade talk

Much of the Suns’ trade talk seems to have simmered down as the Thursday 1 p.m. deadline nears, but there is one more possibility. reported New York’s interest in Jermaine O’Neal and Toronto’s interest in Sebastian Telfair while another source said there was All-Star break talk of Oklahoma City exploring Marcin Gortat and P.J. Tucker for Kendrick Perkins, Jeremy Lamb and a first-round pick.

Perkins is the type of center to fit the new defensively geared culture, although he is limited offensively for a team wanting to post up its big men.

Lamb probably would have been the Suns’ draft pick in June had Houston not made a trade to move up two spots and take him in front of Phoenix.

The Suns do have $6.4 million of cap room to take on salary in a deal, but it is more likely that the Suns stand pat to protect their two first-round draft picks and salary-cap space, which leaves room to sign a maximum-level free agent.

Say the Suns do indeed trade Gortat, Tucker, for Perkins, Lamb, first rounder. tank and draft Shabazz. Offer for Al Jefferson.

Perkins, Frye
Jefferson, Morris
Beasley, Dudley
Shabazz, Lamb
Dragic, Marshall

how will this work out?
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