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Default Re: Jets open to trading Revis

Originally Posted by Heavincent
On a related note, it's funny how much the Jets salary cap situation improved just by cutting a few scrubs
Well look at who are the highest paid players on the jets too many are paid like the top 10 in the position but arent.

To be honest Smith isnt the answer. Even if they are late round picks in addition to Smith you are never going to get equal value for him. This wont be Champ Bailey for Clinton Portis plus type of deal and sure enough not a Hershal Walker deal in the making. Considering that any team that takes him will have to pay him some serious money. The Jets dont have a QB right now. We all know the talent level on the offensive side of the ball is sorely lacking but at least Smith can minimize the costly TO's which hurt the Jets more than anything else last year. Personally I like Greg McElroy to start more than Sanchez.

Keeping Revis doesnt help the Jets in the future if he wants top NFL money. I think he should get it but the Jets shouldnt be the one that pays it.
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