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Originally Posted by dkmwise
Great points. If you're not a contender then you're not necesary. Anyone who is clearly not beating GSP and is not exciting (selling fights) then why keep them around on a big contract. Even though some new guys they are brining in may not be as good as Fitch they still have the potential and until they lost to the champ are more valuable. Same reason in NFL guys like Matt Flynn get a big contract, gotta go after potential than proven quantity of just being good but never great.
I don't even remotely agree with this. Not being the best in the world doesn't mean you should be cut. By that logic, the UFC should cut everyone that loses a title shot convincingly. The problem is you need people for these up and comers to fight to both prove they are ready for a title shot and get them ready for a title shot. You can't go from fighting bums or other unproven guys to fighting the best in the world and expect any kind of success. There is no valid reason to cut Fitch and this shows why the UFC shouldn't be allowed to enjoy the monopoly it currently does without a fighters union to counter balance it.

Edit. And what if gsp loses to someone else. You'll need other people for the new champ to fight. You really want a top 5 ww to be off the list of options?

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