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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by Toizumi
Fitch is a gamer. He comes in with a gameplan and executes it. People may call him boring, but I think it proves how good of a fighter he is. Thing is, he was (from what I've read) overpaid and currently not a contender. This cut gives the UFC to resign him in the future for less money.

I feel bad for the guy. Remember after the Erik Silva fight, in which he was great, how he was talking to his wife at home, saying that he was finally coming home with some money. damn. Your ****in with a man's livelihood and based on his results/skills he did not deserve to be cut. Hope to see him back in the UFC soon.
Jon fitch has earned over a million dollars in his UFC tenure, his fight with Thiago ALves earned him over 100k, I think his cut had to do with his high salary and his boring style. I believe we will see him back with a restructured salary after 2-3 wins in a smaller org.
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