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Default Re: Which player would you take in each instance to start a franchise?

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
Didn't you just the other day say that players should be measured vs their peers and impact on the game? Not hypothetical time travel? Or am I thinking of someone else.

On topic: are you assuming what we knew on draft day, or what their careers became? If draft day, then I would take the bolded.

1. Lebron or Shaq

2. Kobe or Hakeem

3. Wade or Garnett

4. Durant or Dirk

5. Dr J or David Robinson

6. Chris Paul or Dwight Howard

7. Isiah Thomas or Patrick Ewing

8. Larry Bird or Wilt

9. Gary Payton or Walt Frazier

10. Magic or Duncan

I'm doing what op asked, I'm not measuring players.
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