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Default Re: Taking charges in pick up

I would never attempt to take a charge in a pick-up game. 99% of my pick-up opponents would also never attempt to take a charge in that setting. For whatever reason, the idea of drawing a charge in a pick-up game is most often treated similarly to someone attempting to call 3-seconds or illegal defense. The charge just never carried over to the street game.

There's usually a few people every year who try to call them though. In most cases, there's a collective "C'mon dude, seriously? You're trying to take a charge?" feeling. Though, in one instance, I do recall playing in a relatively unfamiliar gym when a small guard stepped in and took a charge on a fast break during pick-up. I initially laughed in disbelief and protested, asking, "You're taking a charge during a pickup game?" to which one of my own teammates stepped up to me and reasoned, "Well, I mean, you do drive to the basket kind of hard." At that point, my brain just about exploded.

So, if someone feels strongly about getting the charge call, I'll give it to them, but it's typically not something I'd like to have a part of pick-up games. I feel like it kind of throws off a pick-up game's equilibrium. Like, if charges come into play, thus minimizing one's ability to go hard in the paint, then I feel like people would have to start calling more reaching fouls and shooting fouls to compensate. And no one wants that.

Further, I think charges in pick-up games can be very dangerous, particularly on concrete. I last thing I want to deal with as I'm becoming airborne down at the park is a guy trying to slide in to take a charge too late and accidentally undercutting me in the process. And to be truthful, considering real deal ball players have a hard enough time putting themselves in position to take a charge, chances are pick-up amateurs are going to be accidentally undercutting folks left and right.

It just seems like pick-up games have certain unwritten rules - play through ticky tack calls that might have been whistled during real games, play hard, go strong, don't take charges.

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