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Default Re: Does Durant Have the Potential to Become the GOAT?

Originally Posted by knicksman
Cavs and okc performance in their first 6 years
1st yr and 2nd yr- both missed the playoffs
3rd-durant first round exit; lebron team first round or could not even make the playoffs if it had the same competition as oklahoma had.
4th yr-durant conference finals while lebron would still be a first round team on the west.
5th yr- durant finals while lebron misses the playoffs if its on the west.

LOL the great lebron. Lebron is just like oscar or young jordan. Overrated because of stats. But actually those stats are empty. Yeah jordan is all around but he never sacrificed wins to showcase his all around skills when he matured.

I love these kind of hypothetical posts that there is absolutely no base

But this is a new one.So what you are saying is he is sacrificing wins to prove he is the best all around talent we have ever seen.Do you have any proof(i know you dont but to prove a point)
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