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Default Re: I hate stupid parents

here is how vaccines work.

a weakened form of the disease-causing microorganism is injected into your body. your body reacts by producing antibodies to destroy said organism. your body remembers this organism and the next time it enters the body, your body easily recognizes it, and destroys it faster.

that's why vaccinations are usually followed by mild fever. that's the microorganism making your body react. your body's reaction is to heat up (because heat kills microorganisms, hence the body's natural reaction to illnesses is fever. if you have fever, your body is trying to expel something from your system) and produce antibodies.

now, antibodies do the cleaning up. organisms that don't die from the heat produced by your fever are destroyed by antibodies. they are efficient, and they are fkng killers. if they've been deployed once to fight a certain microorganism, the next time the same microorganism comes, these antibodies become better at destroying these microorganisms. hence the rationale for vaccination.

vaccinations don't prevent the illness. but it prevents the illness from killing you, because now your body is more prepared to fight the disease. that's why vaccinated ppl get sick, but suffer only the mild form of the disease.

like many things, there are exceptions and outliers. vaccines don't work as well depending on a number of factors. one of these is if the patient has a problem with their immune system. if antibodies are not being produced properly, the vaccine will have no effect. some individuals also do not react correctly to the vaccine, and does not produce the antibodies when the vaccine is introduced.

vaccine has been responsible for the extinction of smallpox. other diseases that have now been brought to near extinction are: rubella, polio, measles, mumps, chickenpox, and typhoid.

flu is more difficult to tamp down because the flu virus mutates more quickly. that's why vaccinations are yearly. new strains develop each year. and because there are stupid ppl like AlphoWolf that refuses vaccinations, the virus spreads without being killed.

it stands to reason that if everyone was vaccinated, no matter where that fkng virus goes, it will be killed. but because there are a lot of AlphaWolves that provide shelter to these viruses, the virus spreads, and continues to grow and mutate much more quickly than the vaccine can catch up.

it is an arms race, and the more stupid ppl like AlphaWolf there are, the more these fkng illnesses will not be killed to extinction.

think of viruses and bacteria as people. let's say they're black people. now if all countries refuse entry to all blacks, and killed all black ppl on sight, it stands to reason they'd soon be extinct - correct?

but if even just one tiny ass country accept blacks, they'd continue reproducing until that one tiny country is bombed to hell.

what say you we kill all AlphaWolves?

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