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Default Re: 2013 Offseason Thread (Free Agency, Releases, Trades, etc)

Originally Posted by BrickingStar
Hartline, average FA wr, and a rookie WR? Sounds like a horrible WR core. Hartline is a 2nd option WR at BEST. Why mid to low FA when they have all the cap space in the world to settle their biggest need.\? Just pick between wallace, jennings, bowe, amendola ect.. The draft this year on WR isn't that good either.

Cap management. Don't spend 14mil on an undeserving WR like Jennings just for the sake of filling a need. If they can get a player like Wallace or Bowe for like 6-8mil that's great but there's a need for WR's and these guys are probably going to break the bank. St.Louis, Washington, Minny, Indy, Cleveland, etc, will all be looking for WR's. Danny Amendola would be a good signing as I don't think he has the market value as other teams and the fact that slot WR's are good for young QB's. Resigning Hartline, signing a WR like Amendola and possibly drafting a WR in the first three rounds is good. Hartline, Bess, Amendola and top1-3 pick WR is a fine WR core. I'm also a strong believer that a good offensive system doesn't need great receivers to succeed.

Dolphins aren't probably going to contend next year and no need to ruin the future cap space overpaying for a question mark like Jennings. But they do need offensive weapons so it may be worth it.
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