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Default Re: J$ Training for Tough Mudder and 3 on 3 Ball

Originally Posted by MaxFly
I've done Tough Mudder... Lot's of fun. My advice to you would be to run as much as you can. If you want to breeze through it, get up to 8 miles straight, no stops, under an hour. If you find time to work out at a gym, hop on a treadmill and set the incline to 2, 8 miles, under an hour.

Also, make sure sure to focus on arms, chest, abs and quads. Do you know which Tough Mudder you'll be doing?

Yeah man that's always inspiring to hit up the incline and really do it. Cardio is tougher than weights IMO.

You can't help but remember Rocky IV when they do the montage and Drago's sprinting up that thing and it's going like 60 degrees up

I'll be doing Vermont, brother. Intended on Boston earlier but eh that got moved to New hamp.

How's my cali circuit look?
4 sets of handstand pushups
4 sets of dive bomber pushups
4 sets of military press
4 sets of inverted rows
4 sets of chin ups
5 sets of pistol squats
5 sets of bulgarian split squats
Leg Lifts
Janda Sit Ups

Do these exploding fast up, lowering down slow. Can feel an awesome pump. Each day a bit more and more volume until the day comes. It's gonna be tough as all hell. A mountain in August, but hey challenge gives us meaning to life does it not
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