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Default Re: Who's your favorite Street Fighter character?

I was named after Mike Tyson. Capcom had actually originally named me M. Bison ... however, Capcom was threatened with a lawsuit from Mike Tyson himself if they did not change the name of the character. So, in the US version they switched Balrog with M. Bison. Vega was also in the mix as well. Originally, Bison was supposed to be Vega, Vega Balrog, and Balrog Vega. That's the way they were in the Japanese version.

Since then, in order to avoid confusion, fans of the franchise refer to M. Bison as "dictator" Vega as "claw" and Balrog as "boxer" ... makes good sense to me.

Yo, anyone seen my fight money? Ah, nevermind. Now, if you'd all be kind gentlemen and excuse me as I fap to the Cammy pics above. Thanks for posting Josh.
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