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He's a great player who seems to get better each year and he seems to be a good teammate who works on his game, but the treatment he gets from the refs is comical to say the least. Not only the amount of calls he gets, but the type of calls. Regardless of whether there's contact, if a defender guards Durant tightly and Durant twists his body, looks award, or misses a shot, it's an automatic foul. You expect him to get a certain amount of calls because he's an almost automatic shooter, with an extremely difficult jumper to contest and he does drive, is a good finisher due to length and he handles the ball well for a 6'10" player. But it's gotten excessive to say the least. Considering how many technicals he gets now while getting babied by the refs like no other player I've seen, I'd guarantee he'd have been suspended a number of times already if he got the disrespect from the refs that Melo gets.
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