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Default Re: J$ Training for Tough Mudder and 3 on 3 Ball

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
Figured might as well add a journal to inspire some folks.

I have no gym subscription. It's cold outside. Broke. BUT THAT SHALL NOT prevent us from chasing the ability to L.E.A.P.

Going to do calisthenics, hill sprints, and plyometrics to try to become a grea tathlete. At about a 30.5" standing and 34"-ish running. Can get quarter of a forearm above rim, maybe more.

Going to discuss 3 on 3 strategies. My handles and J are alllriiightt nothing special but my rebounding, D and court vision are solid. Teammate of mine can knock down 18 footers automatic and the other fellow is a solid PG. But we're at a disadvantage still since other guys are 6'4"+, and I'm the tallest at 5'11"

Okay so we'll start things off with a basic pick and roll and weave formation. THe first designed to get the pick setter a free the layup, the second for an open jumpshot.

Help chime in on some strategies fellows!

metal pipe to the ankle. works everytime.
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