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Default Re: My beef with you!

Originally Posted by Rameek
Y you mad at Phil for saying the same thing we've been saying? This roster is trash and the Knicks FO is trash. I dont get where your angst comes from.

Discrediting Phil's success because he doesnt believe in the same organization that we (you & I) complain about...

There is a reason FA's dont come here and the Knicks have to overpay for talent coaching or otherwise.

please explain
Because I don't see why he's relevant in what we do here. To hell with him. I'm not discrediting him. It's just like if you went to the media to discuss my marriage or something. We don't need Phil. Screw him. We all know if we didn't get off to a great start, he'd quit anyway. If he doesn't want the job, which wasn't even offered to him to begin with, just shut up lol
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