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Default Re: Lebron wouldnt average this high FG % On another team

Originally Posted by KungFuJoe
LBJ/Wade/Bosh/scrub/scrub better than Magic/Kareem/Worthy/Scott/Green?

Or Bird/McHale/Parish/Ainge/Johnson?

I would even say MJ/Pippen/Grant/scrub/scrub is better than Miami.

The Heat are not THAT strong...just the rest of the league is damn weak.

Miami and the Lakers are basically the same. Don't forget Ray Allen is very similar to Scott.

Celtics wouldn't be able to run with Miami.

Bulls? Yes, they get beat. There would be no answer for the big 3 and company.

Heck, this Miami team is probably on their way to 3 straight finals. If that's not good than I don't know what is.
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