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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by KG215
Brilliant move, Roy. State goes 15-4 run to take a 1 point lead and he counters by putting in Luke Davis, Marcus Pagie, J.P. Tokoto, Desmond Hubert, and Jackson Simmons. Two freshmen, one sophomores, and essentially 2 walk-ons.

Ironically that's what won us the game. I'm almost positive he did that because the starters were pissing him off so much on the blown defensive assignments (and mental mistakes on offense, ie rushed shots), but it led to the starters being well rested down the stretch of the game while State was running on fumes

Or perhaps Roy is a genius and did it on purpose with that intention. I don't give a shit. It worked.

I love this team. Those guys wanted it so bad from the opening tip. Even cool mannered Paige screamed at the top of his lungs after an and 1 in the second half. Everyone diving on the floor, pushing the pace, matching shot for shot. The energy in the game was insane. Felt like a battle where State was trying to overtake our place (not that a win would have done that) on top of the State and Roy and his team said **** no. The crowd was like a summer pro-am game.

This UNC team since PJ was inserted in the starting lineup is Sweet 16 good, with upset potential. Not saying they get that far... Roy still needs to figure out the rotations better (I think the 4 guard lineup has a bad net efficiency), the team needs to get used to defending and rebounding with one less big, etc... But this team is starting to peak at the perfect time.

Which for all the shit Roy gets, his teams almost always peak at the right time. Something that can't be said for all the other top tier coaches.

Oh yeah, go to hell State.

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