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Default The Iffy Future of the Gaming World

I've been hearing some good things and a lot of bad things about future game consoles and video games in general.

Among the good things are merely my favorite game titles extending into the future, such as Assassin's Creed.

The bad things, or better yet TERRIBLE things, are these rumors that games can only be purchased once, which means two things:
- No more used games
- If you buy a $60 game and somehow, someway your PS4 or XBox 720 (or w/e else will be out there) burns out, you're going to have to purchase that game again.

That terrifies me as a gamer because I'm not someone swimming in cash. I usually buy games used to avoid paying $60+. If I have to fork over $60 for a game because the used market isn't kicking in for it at a good enough pace, I wait a LOOOOOOOONG time to do it, checking reviews and videos of game play to see if the game is even worth my dough.

Another thing that I've been hearing is that Sony and Microsoft might make it so that you can only DOWNLOAD games through their respective video game markets. That sounds like b.s. to me, too, seeing as download times may be slow even a few years from now, so a game could take 2+ hours to download like it does today.

Lastly, among all the terrible rumors I've heard, one that's been floating around and been said constantly is that future gaming consoles will only allow you to play games online. So if you don't have an internet connection, you're out of luck. I don't know if I believe this one too much, but it sounds plausible.

Maybe these are small complaints/unrealistic thoughts to some of you guys, but this is something I've been worried about. I'm not losing sleep over any of it, but when I speak to my gamer friends, we do ponder how different the gaming world might be.

One last thing: I bought a brand new PS3 last weekend. I'd been running with the first gen PS3 since 2007, so it was time to upgrade. This new PS3 is retarded, though. Sure, it's slimmer, but it has a sliding top to insert games. That seems like a step back in technological advancements to me. My big, clunky 2007 PS3 seemed more futuristic than this shit because of the cool insert in the front. Now I can't even stand up the new PS3 to make room for other things when I'm playing.
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