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Default Re: 2k14 Wishlist?

I agree with a lot of the ideas you guys presented. I'm going to add some for the game modes I usually play. These will be long, so just bare with me:

- Give us more than one question press conferences. There should be at least 2-3 questions per press conference, mostly dependent on how your game went. Say you got a triple-double but your team lost, there should be a question about the triple-double and maybe a follow-up question about the loss.

- Allow us to simulate one game at a time. Say I played my Key Game and there are 10 regular games in between the next Key Game, but within those 10 games, there are a couple of games that I actually want to play, such as a match against the Miami Heat or New York Knicks, I should be able to simulate past the games I want to skip and actually play the ones I want to play.

- In simulated games, give us the stats our player gets when we actually play. Someone mentioned it earlier. When I play, my player tends to average 30 ppg and 8 apg, so in simulated games, he should be averaging around the same amount. It doesn't make sense for me to drop 30/5/8 one game and then in the next several simulated games, the player just drops 10/2/4 or something worse.

- When it's time to sign a new contract, I should be able to test the market and if I don't like the teams I see, I should be able to sign with my team again. An example: I was on the Hornets. My contract expired and I didn't accept their contract extension. I saw what teams wanted me and after checking their rosters, I didn't like any of them, but I couldn't sign with the Hornets again.

- Lastly, I should be allowed to choose what kind of career I want. Do I want to be the star on the team or the 6th man? The coaching staff, the owner, the GM, whoever, should come to me at some point every season and ask what I want to do. "Hey, (insert player name here), we have been thinking about pushing your star to the next level. What do you think about becoming the star on the team?"

Online Game Modes:
- If a person I'm playing against is losing by a lot and he becomes one of those sore losers who will start pausing the game for long periods of time or playing replays of random things that don't matter, the game should notice it and force a forfeit.

- I play "My Team" some times and I think it's ridiculously silly for me to have the team I do and have to compete against people who've purchased all their players. I can't stress enough how many times I encounter players who have LeBron, Kobe, Dwight, CP3, Blake Griffin, KD, Westbrook, etc., all on the same roster. I should be matched up against my own competition. My best player is Kobe, sure, but I got him from saving up VC. The rest of my team consists of scrubs, like Kwame Brown, Earl Watson, Darius Morris, etc.

- I should be able to mute people with headsets. CoD has this feature, so why can't 2K?

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