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Originally Posted by TheMarkMadsen
Lol why would Bosh annoy them? He helps hem win championships?

Lets not forget that it wasn't until after Bosh signed that Bron made the decision , they know how important he is.

Besides its not like Bron or Wade especially come off as the most mature people?

And for the odd man out comment, I don't see it? I mean the media may act as if he's the odd man out but realistically he's just as valuable to that team as wade is..

No. Just no.

Many opposing players this year have cited Wade as the difference-maker because he prevents them from employing the "let LeBron get his and shut everyone else down" strategy. Having a second guy who can dominate scuttles that gameplan.

Can Bosh step into LeBron's role when he's out of the game? Hardly.

And I could make a decent case that Wade is just as valuable as James because, he can excel as a second or first option. LeBron can only perform as a first option (see also: 2011 Finals).
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